Anna M. Barton, Owner/Broker

I am an independent broker, operating a small business with a staff of one (me). I most often work with only two or three clients at any given time, and will give you and your transaction all the attention required and deserved. My goal is to truly serve my clients’ best interests. Please call me if you’d like to work with someone who is patient, ethical, honest, attentive to detail, understands the contract documents, and paying attention to your needs and wishes.

I provide outstanding service to my clients, upholding the highest ethical standards, as mandated by both the Colorado Real Estate Commission and my own conscience. I operate with integrity because I like it that way.

I delight in helping buyers find the place that they want to call home. I’ve been involved in managing residential rental property since 2001, and a licensed broker since 2003.

My family moved to Fort Collins in 1961. I grew up and attended school here from preschool through college. I’m familiar with the community, real estate, and the rental market. I’ve helped friends, family, friends and family of friends and family, property management clients, and tenants with the sales and purchases of many properties over the years. I would be honored if you would allow me to assist you, too!